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Liked on YouTube: We are the Steemians

We are the Steemians Steemit is a revolutionary social media platform that rewards creatives for creating and voting content via YouTube

Liked on YouTube: 8 Pasos para vender a través de vídeos

8 Pasos para vender a través de vídeos No importa a qué industria pertenezca, si estas vendiendo un producto online o físico, aquí lo más importante es vender y no hay mejor forma que hacerlo a través de vídeos. ***LEER MAS:*** Gracias por suscribirte a mi canal: **************************************************************** ▼¿Deseas tener una mejor presencia […]

Remembering #Argentina #BuenosAires @laBITconf #Bitcoin #Travel

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Liked on YouTube: Trump To Collapse The Dollar – Jeff Berwick on Silver Doctors

Trump To Collapse The Dollar – Jeff Berwick on Silver Doctors Jeff is interviewed by Elijah Johnson for The Silver Doctors podcast, topics include: The Trump presidency, protectionism is anti free market, Trumps unpredictability, potential for a major dollar crash, reneging on the government debt and its epic repercussions, gold and bitcoin would soar in […]

Liked on YouTube: Liberals are Anti-War Again!

Liberals are Anti-War Again! Welcome back from your 8 year coma, anti-war left! We’ve missed you! Surprise, DONALD TRUMP IS PRESIDENT. Subscribe to my channel: Sources: The U.S. was supposed to leave Afghanistan by 2017. Now it might take decades.: U.S. to Send 600 More Troops to Iraq to Help Retake Mosul From […]

Liked on YouTube: Steemit Funny Promo

Steemit Funny Promo A fun promo about the amazing social media platform that is : Steemit is the place where you get rewarded for creating content and socialize at the same time. If it serves as an example, this is my steemit page: I hope you enjoyed this one 🙂 via YouTube

Liked on YouTube: Steemit Funny Promo #2

Steemit Funny Promo #2 Steemit is the new revolution in social media where creatives are rewarded by creating and voting content. via YouTube