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Tsu is a Cultural Shift? #SocialMedia #Tsu #Tsunation #Tsunami

Tsu is a cultural change in how we view social media. Sites like Tsu and IQLife can be a wave of change for social networks. Source: See on – Social Media News Advertisements

“Fred Flintstone” vs “George Jetson”

“Fred Flintstone” vs “George Jetson”– Which Marketer Type Are You?Do you ever feel your marketing is stuck in the Stone Age? Perhaps you sense you are missing out on business and customers with your Source: Which Marketer are You? See on – Social Media News

The Staggering Cost of Content Marketing (Infographic)

How much money do you have to put into a serious content marketing campaign on Facebook? Here’s one estimation. Source: We have already begun a substantial increase in Twitter Promoted Tweets. Our clients have also committed more funds to real time bidding coupled with Big Data targeting. See on – Social Media News

Print Ads Versus Online Ads Who Wins? #Marketing

This is a common question for anyone who owns a business. Print ads versus online ads? Source: See on – Social Media Products and Tools

Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation in Panama #Panama – @RandyHilarski

Safarick’s Zoologico in Panama is a rescue and rehabilitation center for animals. It is located in Maria Chiquita, Panama. Source: The Rehab and rescue center is beautiful. #Panama See on – Life in Panama for Expats

10 Steps to Building a Dynamite Online Marketing Business – @RandyHilarski

What You need to know to build an online marketing business. Source: See on – Social Media News

The Unexpected Value of Social Media Posts #SocialMedia – @RandyHilarski

What is the value of your social media posts? I try to explain the value of social media in this blog post with paid traffic vs. free traffic Source: What Do You Think The Value of a Social Media Post Is? In this blog post I give you an easy way to gauge what […]