Exclusive First Interview with Freedom Fighter Dean Clifford After Three Year Incarceration Anarchast Ep.351 Jeff interviews, Dean Clifford, topics include: the corporate citizen, public vs private citizens, the illegitimacy of government, the truth about birth certificates, the legal person as a state organization, building systems to replace government, life in a Canadian prison, change the […]

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Roger Ver Is Pissed About Bitcoin Transaction Fees And He’s Not Going To Take It Anymore! Anarchast Ep.349 Jeff interviews platinum sponsor of Anarchapulco, CEO of Bitcoin.com, Roger Ver. Topics include: Bitcoin.com under DDOS attack, Bitcoin Unlimited vs Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin Core not even core, high fees and slow confirmation time put Bitcoin at risk […]

Is The Potential Hard Fork Of Bitcoin Causing Price Decline with Trace Mayer of Bitcoin Knowledge Jeff interviews crypto-currency expert, Trace Mayer, topics include: recent volatility not a major issue, Bitcoin core vs Bitcoin unlimited, the Bitcoin fork issue, soft vs hard forks, much more support for Bitcoin core and SegWit, 92% of nodes are […]