Bitcoin Q&A: Hyperbitcoinization What is “hyperbitcoinization” and when / where will it occur? This is part of a talk which took place at the Bitcoin Open Blockchain (BOB) community event on October 29th 2017 at the mHUB innovation center in Chicago, Illinois: Hyperbitcoinization theory: Watch the full talk here: RELATED: How long […]

IOHK | Cardano whiteboard; overview with Charles Hoskinson Developing Cardano is no small feat. There is no other project that has ever been built to these parameters, combining peer reviewed cryptographic research with an implementation in highly secure Haskell code. This is not the copy and paste code seen in so many other blockchains. Instead, […]

COPYTRACK ICO Review! The Global Digital Copyright Register! CPY 29-12-17 This is my review of Copytrack ICO. They intend to use the blockchain to build a global copyright register for digital media. Big ambitions but can they deliver? Will I be buying into this ICO? Find out in my Copytrack ICO review video! In an […]

Vechain (VEN)/(VET) Price Prediction for 2018: the Distributed Business Ecosystem Vechain (VEN)/(VET) Price Prediction for 2018 the Distributed Business Ecosystem In this video I am looking at possible scenarios of how the Vechain price will progress in 2018. Source for the correct marketcap: Vechain is a project established in June 2015 and had ICO […]

👉 COPYTRACK (CPY) – What is it? Should you invest in it? 🖼️ 👉 COPYTRACK WEBSITE: Public Sale Starts January 10, 2018 00:00:00 UTC 💬 Telegram: 🤑 Head over to the NUMBER 1 site in Cryptocurrency: ☝️ My newest favorite exchange. Sign up on Binance today! Bittrex is no longer accepting new […]

RBC Analyst Says Crypto Currency Market Going to $10 Trillion Winship on another level. Visit us at Indeud. via YouTube

NEO Explodes! BITCOIN- LITECOIN- ETHEREUM- Market Updates 2018 Its a beautiful morning in this new year and NEO has started to take its run. Sitting up near 90$ it was a while to wait, but worth it, Bitcoin litecoin and Ethereum are also hot on the trail as we dive into this week’s cryptocurrency and […]