Nuevo HF19 en Steemit Ahora que es oficial el nuevo HF19, he visto muchos cambios especialmente en las cuentas de nuevos usuarios. Nuestros votos valen mas de lo que valĂ­an anteriormente y ahora puedo ayudar a los nuevos usuarios, eso me hace feliz. Sin embargo tenemos que tener cuidado con la cantidad de votos que […]

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How the blockchain is changing money and business | Don Tapscott What is the blockchain? If you don’t know, you should; if you do, chances are you still need some clarification on how it actually works. Don Tapscott is here to help, demystifying this world-changing, trust-building technology which, he says, represents nothing less than the […]

The US Government Clamps Down on Ability of Americans To Purchase Bitcoin View Jeff’s Free Four Video Cryptocurrency Tutorial and Receive $50 in bitcoin here: Get $10 worth of free Bitcoin at Coinbase: via YouTube

Dash talk with Amanda Johnson! 6-12-2017 Dash fans rejoice! Amanda Johnson has returned to the show to update us on Dash and to talk about cryptocurrency related issues. It is always a fun time when Amanda makes an appearance here. Will Dash be “the next Ethereum”? Is Dash the king of crypto-marketing? What does Amanda […]

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Critical Analysis: Swarm City You can help me continue to produce these videos and upgrade my equipment! Any donations are very much appreciated. —Deposit Wallets— Bitcoin (BTC): 16gwMprXw5ss8Nk23CU8Jc6XtVf7KYF621 Ethereum (ETH): 0xac5223209791820b4c37f6f6b4b5d249d25d55ac Steem: Memo- 65a0c840997c338c Address- poloniex Dash: XuvS5TzRSRGbNZM2va9KXYxF6QBqQ4tVQp PIVX: DRpsLWV3mPnyqRv66UUSm3vyJLB16k1KjS Lisk: 15973080749547839572L Dogecoin: DEJmCLEht9LkvHG5a53wNaKmMGyGVdKXBp Monero: 72a078b6d7f81d3c47244953ecc96f877c46bb13e609743b8664a7d278f05613 Stratis: SfbCiTWEMs6UygRCRc5w4XZujqocgU2Kys Ethereum Classic (ETC): 0x773a3adc21f4fb7ff3b646c9369535214816bff6 Decred: DsmfmgrStpBEwsRwkEBogqrFQhfe6ExR2B8 SwarmCity […]