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Top 50 Bloggers To Follow In 2014 And My 2013 Blogging Recap

See on – Social Media News 2013 is coming to an end and I would like to take the opportunity to share with you 50 of the best bloggers you should be following in 2014. Randy Hilarski‘s insight: So Proud to have made Reginalds list of Bloggers. See on Advertisements

How To Find Brand Ambassadors & Influencers

See on – Social Influence Brand Ambassadors are all about connecting with the people who already use your product, or those who fit the model of your customer. Randy Hilarski‘s insight: FInd a few Influencers who believe in your product, it could be the momentum you need to take your business or product to […]

Top 10 podcasting news highlights from 2013

See on – Social Media News Podcasting continues to grow and 2013 is no exception. Here is a 2013 podcasting year in review. See on

Top 15 Circles on Google Plus Dec 26 #CircleCurators #GooglePlus – @RandyHilarski

See on – Social Media News Who are the top Google Plus Circle Sharers for Dec 26, 2013. Follow these Google Plus Circle Sharers. Randy Hilarski‘s insight: If you are not in these circle shares, I suggest you ask to be added. There  is no quicker way to grow your follower base on Google […]

Google Plus Christmas Bash 2013 #ChristmasGiveAwayHangout – YouTube

See on – Social Media News Join us on Google Plus Dec 23, 2013 at 9PM EST. As this amazing panel of Social Media experts share their secrets and give away over $1000 in prizes. #Christ… Randy Hilarski‘s insight: Be there Monday 9PM EST on Google Plus.   #ChristmasGiveAwayHangout #GooglePlus See on

The EXACT Web Properties I Use in My Business

See on – Social Media Products and Tools   Blogs, Websites, & Sales Pages, Oh my! You can’t get by with a 1999-designed Static-Website anymore.  In this special (long over-due) post, I’ll pull back the curtain (hey, second Wizard of Oz reference in 2 paragraphs! Randy Hilarski‘s insight: If you want to succeed online, […]

Google Plus Christmas #ChristmasGiveAwayHangout – @RandyHilarski

See on – Social Media Products and Tools Join us for this Google Plus Christmas Hangout. Randy Hilarski‘s insight: Make sure to be part of this amazing Christmas Event on Google Plus Hangouts! See on