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Liked on YouTube: How works explained in 2 minutes.

How works explained in 2 minutes. We call this our quick explainer video. In about 2 minutes, you will understand the basic concepts and process behind the platform. Of course, you may have some questions after watching this. We are happy to help. Our website is and our support email is […]

Liked on YouTube: The Great Bitcoin Crash of 2018

The Great Bitcoin Crash of 2018 A historically accurate reenactment of what happened in the bitcoin crash of early 2018. #HODL Warning: panic sellers and bears may find this video disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised. Tipping is always welcomed 🙂 BTC: 3MUVYbXZ4XKcmSqpKkrY5jc3KTiqYZgCu1 ETH: 0x2fCfCC7225124c5e60E8689810703857304492c4 via YouTube

Liked on YouTube: Bitcoin – Ellen DeGeneres

Bitcoin – Ellen DeGeneres Ellen DeGeneres on Bitcoin – If you want to know what bitcoin is, I learned about it. A bit. via YouTube


BITCONNECT EDM REMIX (FULL SONG) due to the highly requested amount of comments, here is the FULL remix. enjoy. NOW ON SOUNDCLOUD: DONATE CRYPTO TO SUPPORT ME – (any amount is appreciated, seriously) BTC: 13tCRz14y1SivJTWNeCewQ8cVBMnPgehps LTC: LatUZH9ScgzsRW8YFPKoVe6aCE1nyTxmZv ETC: 0x8b3a734e3af08b35020e449a0f9de69d5f978700 LINKS: (follow me on twitter!) Tweets by dylanlockemp3 snap: @dylanlockemp3 via YouTube […]

Liked on YouTube: Bitcoin Q&A: Regulation and the bank boycott

Bitcoin Q&A: Regulation and the bank boycott In 2014, you told the Canadian Senate to hold off on regulating cryptocurrencies for five years. What would you say to them now and do you see any new restrictions or regulations regarding bitcoin coming in the next 6 months? How would the Cryptocurrency Tax Fairness Act (HR-3708) […]

Liked on YouTube: HOW TO: Use MetaMask Ethereum Wallet (In Under 5 Minutes)

HOW TO: Use MetaMask Ethereum Wallet (In Under 5 Minutes) YOU ASKED AND I LISTENED! NEW METAMASK VIDEO WITH A LOT MORE DETAIL: MetaMask is a very easy to use Ethereum Wallet that’s built into your Chrome browser as an extension! It’s perfect for buying into ICOs or doing quick and easy transactions. In […]

Liked on YouTube: Elon Musk ‘I Don’t Give A Damn About Your Degree’

Elon Musk ‘I Don’t Give A Damn About Your Degree’ Subscribe for daily Elon Musk videos. via YouTube