Liked on YouTube: Arcane Bear Cave #2 – Jorge Farias – Crypto Buyer & Blockchain Embassy

Arcane Bear Cave #2 – Jorge Farias – Crypto Buyer & Blockchain Embassy
Today on the Arcane Bear Cave Podcast we have a beautiful sit down with Jorge Farias of and the brand new Blockchain Embassy in Panama. We talk about his adventure into being a bitcoin entrepreneur and how it not only saved peoples investments but allowed them to prosper in economically difficult times. With no CEO for Bitcoin or a lot of these new technologies, we are left to do this ourselves, putting our faces on the line as the people who represent bitcoin!.He now has a school here in panama that teach them how to use these new currencies and money and how to implement them into business. From coffee mugs, Atms, T shirts and buying your drinks and coffee ,its a one stop shop with learning more about Bitcoin.

Be sure to check out their new store here in Panama!
Their website:

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It was a pleasure and a very informative chat. We will be coming back into thcat
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