Liked on YouTube: CryptoScam #6 – Ripple (w/ Peter Todd)

CryptoScam #6 – Ripple (w/ Peter Todd)
In this 6th Episode of CryptoScam I am joined by Peter Todd (a Bitcoin Core Contributor) as we explore the value proposition of Ripple. It is amazing what one can learn in under 24 hours of trying to understand this token. We begin with the story of one the shadiest founders of a project in the CryptoSpace and end with proof that ripple is perhaps the biggest scam of all the coins. It continues to show that when you suspect something is off on a project, investigation usually reveals that it’s 100x times worse than you could have imagined.

Peter Todd’s Paper on Ripple:
Additional sources discussed in the Episode:
(clearly not written by any Crypto Media cause they actually investigated)

MtGox Videos:
Volume 8 (FlashCrash):
Volume 9 (MtGox Gets Pwned):

Special Thanks to Julia Tourianski for providing us with place to film the podcast and for the T-Shirts Peter and I were wearing. They are currently on sale:

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