Liked on YouTube: Anarcho-Capitalists Getting Rid of Hierarchy In Business with Clyde Cleveland

Anarcho-Capitalists Getting Rid of Hierarchy In Business with Clyde Cleveland
Anarchast Ep.335

Jeff interviews ‘socially conscious venture capitalist’, Clive Cleveland, topics include: the massive chokehold on even ethical business of government overreach, creating a new system that makes the old system obsolete, the more freedom and less hierarchy you have the more it will flourish, a company with 10,000 employees and no hierarchy, 10,000 associates, no titles, flat organizational structure based on octologues, natural leaders arise, Bob Podolsky’s book ‘Flourish’, unanimity, structure without coercion, other examples of large companies using these ideas with great success including Visa, a non-coercive enabling organization, gender balance, an octologue project involving sheriffs, Bill Gore and the Goretex company, Anarchapulco 2017!

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