Liked on YouTube: Piercing The Veil of Reality with Bernhard Guenther

Piercing The Veil of Reality with Bernhard Guenther
Anarchast Ep.323

Jeff interviews Bernhard Guenther, topics include: who is behind the government, the non-physical control system, esoteric Christianity, Trump the great catalyst for questioning government, raising your vibration, body work, waking people up, the importance of inner work, fighting the dragon within, dealing with fear, psychopaths and power, the role of evil, transcendence vs integration, UFOs and hyper-dimensional entities, the abduction experience, receiving guidance, the unknowable, retreats in Peru, neo pseudo-shamanism, new age fallacies, self healing, Anarchapulco 2017!

Veil of Reality website:

Bernhard’s bodywork website:

UFOs, Aliens, and the Question of Contact documentary

Know Thyself film:

Anarchapulco 2017:

Anarchast on Facebook:

The Dollar Vigilante:


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