Liked on YouTube: Aaron Koenig: Blockchain Eternity

Aaron Koenig: Blockchain Eternity

I bet my money on cryptography
No one will ever see my private key
But you
Cause you’re my Merkle tree
Hashing away
To blockchain eternity

You are as hot as an ASIC miner
Before halving I will make you mine
Despite the difficulty
Feel the burn
Of blockchain eternity

Let our love shine like a blockchain
Open, free, permissionless

Let our love shine like a blockchain
Open, free, immutable

Are you waiting for your man?
Twenty Steem dollars in my hand
For you
And no transaction fee
Till blockchain eternity

(Music & lyrics: Aaron Koenig)


Music produced by Julio Kladniew
Vocals & rhythm guitar: Aaron Koenig
Drums, bass guitar & strings: Julio Kladniew
Lead guitar: Guido Parisi
Backing vocals: Florencia Aenlle

Camera, editing & visual effects: Sergio Ruestes
Assistance & make-up: Romina Desimoni
Cast: Romina Desimoni, Florencia Aenlle, Bitcoin Community Buenos Aires
Additional footage: Nicolás Fedor Sulcic
Shot at Espacio Bitcoin Buenos Aires
via YouTube


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