Trump Puts The Idea of a US Government Debt Default On The Table. On Thursday, Donald Trump told CNBC that his solution to dealing with the $19 trillion-plus national debt involves a form of default such as repurchasing existing bonds at a discount. The media jumped all over him calling his idea “insane” and warning that it would tank the economy or set off an “unprecedented financial crisis.” They are right that it would set off an unprecedented financial crisis… but, believe it or not, that is the best-case scenario at this point. Not defaulting would lead to hyperinflation which would be even worse. There is no easy way out of the US government’s predicament… something we’ve been talking about here since 2010. The path is unsustainable and the dollar will collapse at some point. The only question is whether it is through outright default or through hyperinflation. Read more at the link.—> #Inflation #Deflation #DonaldTrump


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